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The Body Wrap™ Facts

1. The Body Wrap™ is safe, healthful and relaxing.

2. The Body Wrap™ Solution has the ideal pH for body skin.

3. The Body Wrap™ firms body tissue and visibly tightens skin, especially after weight loss.

4. The Body Wrap™ lets you determine where to slenderize hips, thighs, abdomen, etc.

5. The Body Wrap™ is NOT a "water wrap" or "dehydration" process. Inches lost will not return as long as you do not gain weight and get in a few times a year for a maintenance wrap.

6. The average inch loss is thirteen inches on the first wrap.

7. It is common to take a patron down one to two clothing sizes in just a few weeks.

8. No other body wrap includes wrapping the face!

9. Because the process is non-dehydrative, multiple wraps can be performed on the same client on the same day. 

10. The Body Wrap™ process has been used in over 8,000,000 wraps and has taken more than 1,500 miles (in inches) off our clients worldwide!



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