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The Body Wrap™ Process


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment so that you can complete our Health Questionnaire.  On your first appointment, you will be weighed and measured before and after the wrap process.

In our private wrap rooms, a trained Body Wrap Technician wraps the client in bandages soaked in our exclusive mineral solutions, visibly contouring the body with each placement of the porous bandages.

The exclusive techniques used in applying the mineral soaked bandages are designed to help visibly contour/shape the body with tension applied to specific areas throughout the wrap.  Our Body Wrap Technicians are trained to apply bandages with a specific purpose - to help visibly reduce, lift and tone areas of the body.

Once the client is fully wrapped, he/she is "basted" all over with our exclusive mineral solution. A cape or poncho is applied to help retain the body's natural heat. Plastic baggies are applied to the client's hands and feet to capture wastes and impurities the body is eliminating.

The client is then led to our exercise room where we play lively music or movies for your enjoyment.  The Body Wrap Technician will reapply minerals every 15-20 minutes during the workout.

After about an hour, the wraps are removed and the client is reweighed and remeasured.  On subsequent sessions, the client is only measured at the end of each package.

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